7 Benefits of vehicle wrap advertising for your company

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7 Benefits of vehicle wrap advertising for your company


By Brad Tom
June 15, 2021

Advertising for businesses has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the increased rate we consume digital media and the advancements in electronics, it makes sense that a savvy business be visible to their customers in the digital space. Many businesses have opted to pour more of their resources into digital advertising and less into traditional printed media. We are glad we were not printing newspapers, magazines or flyers that our competitors relied on and had to transition away from. Although, there is a big expansion of e-stores and online purchasing, the need to have a brick and mortar store/office and delivery and service vehicles are still essential. Which makes having a company sign and branding your vehicles a natural extension of your company name.

The landscape of targeted internet advertising will be changed when some of the new regulations tracking site visitors get put into place.With new privacy laws and transparency regulations, industry experts predict that a sizeable amount of internet website traffic will not be trackable. Social media sites are coming under heavy scrutiny on how they utilize user data and will probably have to self-police or mandates will come down on them. Even pop up ads and banner ads are not as effective since you can hide or pay to avoid them. That leaves a question on how to get your company’s name, services and products in front of consumers. The effectiveness of your advertising message traveling around where your jobsites and customers travel has never been more important, and this is one of the reasons that vehicle wraps are gaining popularity. The larger the vehicle means we have a larger canvas to write your message on and displays better, but we can customize your message onto even the smallest cars or trucks.


  1. Hyper local advertising

    Because your service vehicles only travel within your service areas, all advertising is being seen by potential consumers in the geographic locations you are already working in. Although the vehicles are most active during the work day, office workers may still see it on the roads, if the vehicle is taken home by the worker on their pau hana drive. You will find that you will get more inquiries from areas that your service vehicles have active jobs.

  2. Unlimited exposure

    Because it is your vehicle, you control how often and where the public is exposed to your advertising. Unlike internet, social media or other online advertising, the frequency of the exposure to potential clients is often regulated by a pay per click method and your budget, vehicle wrap graphic advertising is only limited to the number of people who can drive by it. You can’t change the channel or un-see the van with advertising on it.

  3. Easy to see message

    A service truck or van with a dramatic graphic wrap advertising message is very noticeable. We read messages that are placed in front of us because our brains are wired that way. So, the advertising message will at least subconsciously enter our minds while sitting behind or next to one of these vehicles. Industry stats state that a single vehicle wrap can get up to 70,000 views daily .64% of respondents said they noticed vehicle graphics.

  4. Consumer friendly advertising

    All advertising is on company owned assets that are necessary to do business and is a passive form of advertising. You will not be bothered by pop up ads or have to sit through commercials while waiting for your chipmunk video to load. A truck with vehicle graphics is very common and would almost be expected by consumers. Becauseutility companies in Hawaii brand their service vehicles, a consumer might even question an unmarked vehicle as belonging to the same fleet.

  5. Easy to change custom message at affordable price

    Changing the message is as easy as peeling off the old and applying a new wrap. I would not change it very frequently, but should your advertising messages change, your vehicle wrap can follow. Car wraps can be very low cost per impression. Online ads can cost up to $21 per thousand impressions while fleet graphics can cost as little as $0.15 per thousand impressions.

  6. Vehicle protection

    The vehicle wraps act as another layer of protection for your vehicles paint. Nicks and scratches can be covered by the wrap. It also acts as a reminder for your drivers to act responsibly as everyone knows where they can contact the company to complain or praise the actions of the driver.

  7. Entirely yours

    Unlike other forms of advertising that rely on ads on search engines, social media property or physical venue, the vehicle that your advertising is on is yours. The internet property you buy advertising on will likely show your competitor’s ads as well.


Question: Is vehicle wrap advertising for company vehicles effective?

Answer: If you would like a way to target customers in the geographic areas you already serve, with a message you can custom tailor, at a relatively low cost, on property you already own, then a wrapped vehicle can work for you.

There are many benefits to having a car, truck, van or bus wrap advertising for business some of them may not be obvious. Even though advertising mediums and its effectiveness changes, the need to get your message across to your potential customers does not. Wrapping your company vehicle with your advertising message can be a very effective part of your advertising program.