Types of Exterior Signs

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Types of Exterior Signs

There are many options for exterior signs to promote and identify your business. Exterior signs come in many shapes, colors & styles. Selecting the best one for your brand, environment and architectural theme for the building is something we are experts at. We can help you design the best lighted cabinet sign or blade sign to compliment your personality. The correct storefront sign should be a reflection of your company personality and give your ideal customers an indication of what to find inside. We will do everything from surveying the property, submitting a sign permit request, designing the graphics to installing the sign. That is why we say we are your sign company doing everything from design concept to installation. We have offices on Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai to help maintain all your locations in the state of Hawaii.

We have installed some of the most popular types ofexterior signs

Exterior Routed & Sandblasted Wooden Signs

We created this wooden sign for Alii Plantation townhome association on the outskirts of Honolulu near the Aloha Stadium. We created a rustic looking sign that matched their architecture of the homes built there. The sign was mounted into a rock wall to raise it to eye level and has a bush around it. We used a router to remove the wood around the more intricate pieces of the design and then sandblasted the wood to give it a weathered look. The wood used as the whitespace of the sign is a great effect when trying to present a natural and earthy feel.


Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs and light boxes allow for easy application for logos & designs that can be both intricate and eye catching. Computer generated designs allow us to replicate logos and company designs with the correct dimensions and proportions as they were created. The First Hawaiian Bank sign we mounted to the outside of the Kahului branch was very simple showing their logo and spelling out their name. It can be back-lit to illuminate the sign at night if you so desire. The acrylic lightboxes we used for the Local Motion store in Waikiki Honolulu could easily be utilized outdoors as an exterior sign. The graphic shows their brand and the image gives you a taste of the products in the store. Excellent choice when you are located within a mall where a roof can cause it to be dim much of the time or if you are trying to stand out at night.


Dimensional Signs

The three dimensional storefront sign creates a personality with depth to your signage that flat signs can’t. The raised lettering creates a unique appeal with the shadows it casts both day and night. Adding lighting can bring you better visibility, especially if you are open at night. The dimensional letter sign we created for Takanka of Tokyo for their Waikiki Honolulu restaurant was very simple to reinforce the name of the company onto a dark wooden wall. The spot lighting allows the shadows to play a part into the stately image it portrays. It makes a dramatic statement on an otherwise dark single colored wall.



The Halo-lit channel letter sign we created for the cosmetic store Gratiae in Ala Moana Shopping Center store in Honolulu was both functional and eye catching. Because the entrance is in a dim area during the evening, the bright white backlighting provides a beacon calling customers to look at the sign.


Mounting this UFC Gym B J Penn sign at the Waikele Outlet Stores mall in Waipahu gives a dramatic message on the tile wall of the building. This sign uses colors, texture and layering to create the logo with a bold statement. The building’s exterior rough tile surface contrasts nicely with the smooth, shiny surface of the Plexiglas sign.


Monument signs

Monument signs are an ideal choice for large properties or for stores set back from the road. They allow you to announce yourself to the passing traffic. It can be used as a way finding sign along with showing property limits. The Diamond Head State Monument we installed on the park grounds was created with many of the elements you would find within the park. There is a rock wall base, two large tree trunks that affix the sign to the base, and the sign is block letters engraved in wood with their logo. It makes a great back drop for visitors to the park when taking selfies.



The monument sign outside of the GCA of Hawaii is made dimensional letters on faux granite, mounted onto a rock wall base. This sign gives the contractors association the image of permanence and respectability that they were looking for.



Window Lettering & Graphics

Graphics help convey emotion through storytelling. The colors, images and, shapes help to give a glimpse into the personality of the store or company. We helped Caramia LLC who had a cute cherry blossom design spread it across their retail windows and name plate to draw customers from around the corner into their store in the Manoa Marketplace. By having the design on the windows, you could view it as you came around a corner allowing the customer to experience the sensation of a story unfolding before them. Pairing it with a cherry blossom room number sign completed the exterior branding allowed by the tenant association.


Blade signs

A blade sign is mounted onto the building façade or storefront pole that is attached to the surface perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic. This is a standard sign in shopping malls like the one we installed in the Sunglass Hut in Mauna Lani on the Big Island of Hawaii for their store there. Mall owners understand that the signs need to be in the visual path of the mall pedestrian traffic to be noticed. The one we created for Maui’s Down To Earth location stands out nicely with the bright colors and images of the vegetables.



The sign experts at Peterson Sign Company can help you attract new customers and grow your business. Please call us to lay out the best options for your sign needs.