Construction Barricade Graphics

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Construction Barricade Graphics

Don’t waste a chance to build the identity of your brand even before your doors are open. Whether you are a nationally recognized chain a one man show, it is makes sense to look for ways to expose the market to your business.


A new Salvatore Ferragamo store was coming into the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki. Even though the store would not be open for weeks, the marketing group wanted to use their construction barricade as a brand building tool. The standard construction wooden wall, used to reduce noise & dust was a perfect opportunity to let everyone know what is coming and build anticipation for the store. The otherwise vanilla construction barricade was transformed into a bright pink wall mural advertisement for Salvatore Ferragamo. By generating buzz, and demonstrating the progress in construction, the store benefitted from immediate business when the store opened. This graphic is as close to a billboard as you can get in Hawaii.

The same type of construction barricade graphic or sometimes called a construction wall wrap, was used at the Ala Moana Shopping Center by the Balenciaga Store. With the amount of traffic that travels the mall, you cannot help but make a branding statement with the mural graphic on the barricades. This vinyl graphic wrap was smaller but used a much more vibrant image. Because the image was not street facing, we are a little freer in creating a graphic that the customer was happy with. It is extremely eye catching and helps build up anticipation for the store.