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Sign Permits

A sign permit is required to install, construct, alter, relocate, or reconstruct any sign. A sign permit for a permanent sign is always required before any exterior sign (as defined by the City and County of Honolulu) may be installed. This requirement applies to all types of signs, including free standing, wall-mounted, and marquee signs. In most cases, any “electrified” signs will require both a sign and an electrical permit.

Our staff can organize the necessary permits to ensure that the signage installation is performed in accordance with local city and county requirements. We can also provide all the necessary documentation including site drawings and certificates of insurance that may be required by city and county, building department, shopping center management company or property landowner.

Prior to submitting a sign permit application, applicant shall verify use of space. If the use of the space is the same as the existing/previous use, you may submit a sign permit application. If the use is not permitted, a building permit application is required prior the submission of a sign permit application.

Submit an online sign permit application here:


How It Works:

The following information is typically necessary to process the permit application:

  • Tax Map Key number of the building that the sign will be installed on
  • Zoning district of the building that the sign will be installed on
  • Linear frontage of the business establishment where the sign will be installed.
  • Size (SQFT) and dimension of the sign
  • Location of the sign on the property or building (site plan required)
  • Shop drawing of the sign







Last Updated: 02 November 2022

This information is from the City & County of Honolulu Department of Planning & Permitting website: